Go out, but cover up

Sal, pero cúbrete

“Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and it pleases me exceedingly.”

Frederic Chopin

In Vienna (Wien), a city full of art and history I found myself wandering through the streets absorbing all it offered: architecture, art, people, a new language, desserts, coffee, and above all the space for self-reflection and reverie.

En Viena (Wien), una ciudad llena de arte e historia me encontré vagando las calles absorbiendo todo lo que ofrece: arquitectura, arte, gente, un idioma nuevo, postres, café y sobre todo, el espacio para reflexionar y pensar en mí.



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I love Julio Cortázar! He was an Argentine writer/novelist/essayist/poet with the gift to address the everyday life with depth and sensuality. Oh! I could listen to his voice forever. I provide my humble translation. Enjoy!

Julio Cortázar – Los Amantes

The Lovers

Who can notice them wandering through the city

if all of them are blind?

They hold hands: something speaks

between their fingers, sweet tongues

lick the sweaty palm, running through the phalanges,

and above, the night is full of eyes.

They are the lovers, their island floats adrift

toward deaths of grass, toward ports

opening under the sheets.

Everything comes undone through them,

everything finds its total swindled,

but they have no idea

for while tumbling in their sour sand

there is a pause in the task of nothingness,

the tiger is a garden at play.

The morning finds the garbage trucks,

the blind begin to exit,

the ministry opens its doors.

The lovers, fatigued gaze and touch each other

once more before smelling the day.

Dressed, they go out into the street

and only then

when dead, when dressed,

the city’s hypocrisy recovers them

imposing on them daily obligations.

Translated by Marlene Woods

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