Light – Luz

Poetry, Provocative, Romance, Seductive


Una profunda nostalgia me persigue,

la idea de usted

llena de ternura con fervor

me endulza la boca

como si usted fuera miel.

Un extremo anhelo me acoge,

el deseo por usted

es violento y urgente

pues me enciende por dentro

como si usted fuera fuego.

Un sentimiento ardiente me inunda,

este cariño por usted

radiante y luminoso

me infunde de claridad

como si usted fuera luz.

Todo usted me desasosiega.

Marlene Woods


A profound longing pursues me,

the thought of you

is tender, but fervent

sweetening my mouth

as if you were honey.

A deep yearning overtakes me,

the want of you

is vicious and urgent

heating up my inside

as if you were fire.

An ardent sentiment inundates me,

this affection for you

radiant and luminous

infuses me with clarity

as if you were light.

All of you disquiets me.

Marlene Woods

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