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Amor Fati
Greek or Latin?
A Nietzchian phrase 
with Stoic praise.

Amor Fati
Amor fatty?
Fat love?
¿Amor fácil?
Easy love?
¿Amor frágil?
Fragile love?
¿Amor fatal?
Fatal love?
Lo amo, ¿casi?
I almost love him?
No, amo a Patrick
I love Patrick.

Amor Fati 
Coffee or tea?
¿café para ti?
also for me. 
or Chianti?
No, un Tequila 'pa mi.
Let’s party!
Nice or nutty?
Nice or naughty?
Loca, pero por ti
mi Papi,
my hottie,
my own Mr. Darcy.

Oh, let’s talk about fate baby!
Let’s talk about you and me!

Love your fate  
Love yourself.

Ama tu destino 
Amate a ti mismo.

Besos, XOXO, Küsse.
Amor Fati Read – Amor Fati Leído.

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