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The verb textere means to weave. 

Find me here dear reader, 
industrious like Penelope
in my repetitive intent 
to produce a composition 
weaving words, words, 
and more words.
I do and undo
not awaiting for my Odysseus,
but for the inspiration 
to exalt in rhyme
the most noble sentiment 
that grants meaning to our 
human existence: 

Poetry is a tapestry of words.
La Poesía es un tapiz de palabras.

Poetry is a tapestry of words.

La poesía es un tapiz de palabras.

El verbo textere significa tejer. 

Aquí me encuentras querido lector, 
laborando como Penélope
en el intento repetitivo 
de producir una composición 
tejiendo palabras, palabras, 
y más palabras. 
Hago y deshago,
no esperando a mi Odiseo
pero a la inspiración 
para exaltar en rima
a ese sentimiento tan noble 
que le da significado a nuestra 
existencia humana:
el amor. 

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Greek Weavers

All this talk about Penelope made me think of Greece. Here are two old pictures from my travels.

The Acropolis

Also, as it regards to Penelope, here is the link to a poem I got published at the beginning of the Pandemic in 2020. My poem is #7 in the series and it is titled YARN. Thank you for reading. M.