PoesĂ­a, Poetry, Romance

Standing in front of me

I observe you and admire you.

I love:

your rare perfection,

your symmetry,

your form,

and your shape. 

I can almost taste you,

my mouth, watering

begs to consume you

starting with a bite,

continuing with a lick,

and culminating with your juice

dripping in and out of me.

Dearest strawberry,

at the risk of insulting you

I must confess: I want you as much.

Oh!, but him, my want for him

is stronger than my will.

Forgive me, let me eat you first.

Marlene Woods

Estando enfrente de mĂ­

te observo y te admiro.


tu perfecciĂłn rara,

tu simetrĂ­a,

tu forma, y

tu figura.

Casi te puedo probar,

se me hace agua la boca

deseando consumirte,

empezando con una mordida,

continuando con una lamida,

y culminando con tu jugo

escurriendo dentro y fuera de mĂ­.

QueridĂ­sima fresa,

a riesgo de insultarte

debo confesar: te quiero asĂ­.

¡Oh! pero él, mi deseo por él

es más fuerte que mi voluntad.

Perdóname, te comeré primero a ti.